Hebrew Roots

Christianity is practiced by over 2.18 billion on earth. It absolutely was started by an itinerate Jewish teacher called Yeshua from Galilee in Roman occupied Palestine. He was created around 4 BC and died in Jerusalem in 30 AD. The first 100 years of Christianity was dominated by the 12 Jewish (Apostles) followers of Jesus, who based their teachings around the Hebrew Scriptures called the Tanakh. Messianic Judaism

The Roman Empire tolerated and made exceptions for that Monotheistic faith of Judaism, and Julius Caesar and Augustus granted the Jews religious privileges not granted other conquered nations. The new beliefs of such 12 Galilean (Apostles) followers of Jesus spread after His death. They still met and worshipped in the Jewish Synagogues like a sect of Judaism much like other Jews. The customs of such early followers of Jesus included Saturday worship within the Synagogue as well as an annual Passover service and many of the customs with the Jews.

In AD 66 the Jewish revolt against Rome triggered the Jewish Temple being destroyed in AD 70. Judaism had not been longer a special protected religion. Every one of the Jews were deported with other nations and sold as slaves by Rome, and Jerusalem was burnt to the ground. Meanwhile the Jewish sect called Christianity had spread around Asia Minor, Greece and Rome and also the early writings with the 12 apostles were now Greek documents. These early writings become the New Testament and were along with Hebrew writings known as the Old Testament into that which you now call the Christian bible. Early Christianity

Just how did a faith that pointed in the Jewish synagogues of Palestine led by 12 Jewish followers of Yeshua according to the Hebrew Tanakh later end up being Anti-Semitic and resulted in burning and killing Jews inside the crusades. How could Martin Luther write a magazine called the Jews and their Lies in 1543 and Adolph Hitler use later those same religious books to warrant the Holocaust?

That story is a long sad story with the separation as well as how Christianity lost her way and forgot her Hebrew Roots. The good news is always that all the is beginning to change. There is now an openness to reexamine our relationship with the Jews and our traditional knowledge of the Jewish scriptures. We label this the Hebrew Roots movement.

Some key changes are:

Many scholars recognize that it was prophesied in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures that Israel would be re-established like a nation in Palestine. All this happened in May 15th 1948 each time a Jewish Prime minister David Ben-Gurion read these same scriptures and proclaimed the condition of Israel. This caused many Christians to look at the Hebrew Scriptures again.

    Amos is a book discussing 750BC and says: Amos 9 v 14 I am going to restore my exiled people Israel; they will rebuild the ruined cities and are in them.

    Isaiah was discussing 680BC and says: Isaiah 66 v 7-8 - Who may have ever encountered this? Who has experienced such things? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be created in a moment?

    Ezekiel was written about 571BC and says: Ezekiel 34:13 I will bring them right out of the nations and I will gather them from your countries, and i'll bring them within their own land.

The Catholic Church is different its attitude towards the Jews. The Second Vatican Council, popularly known as Vatican II, was an ecumenical council of the Catholic church under Pope John XXIII in 1962 and Pope Paul VI in 1965. This council's knowledge of Nostra Aetate changed the long held position from the Catholic Church no longer blamed the Jews for killing Jesus. In 1971 the Catholic Church established an inside International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee for Interreligious Consultations.

Important Christian scholars are actually examining the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls and therefore are challenging Christianitys long held assumptions of the items Paul and the 12 followers of Jesus taught. E.P. Sanders with his book, Paul and Palestinian Judaism and Anglican Bishop of Durham within the Church of England N.T. Wrights book called What St Paul Really Said are challenging that old Christiana ideas. They strongly teach that Paul as well as the 12 followers of Jesus didn't abandon their Jewish roots, and that is now being debated in Christian Seminaries around the globe. NT Wrights comprehension of first Century Judaism is transforming our comprehension of early Christianity.

We at Servant of Messiah Ministries welcome these changes and want to take part in this change and new understanding in Christianity. At http://servantofmessiah.org, we preach and teach about the Gospel of Kingdom. We don't hear the gospel with the kingdom of God as taught in the First Century generally in most churches today. We want the first teachings shared. Jesus preached, his disciples preached that until the gospel was preached to everyone around the world, the Lord will delay his returning to Earth.

Our ministry was firstly registered in the condition of Washington as a ministry to render its plan to state prisoners. Our first service was on 1st of April 2001. We preach the term of Lord with focus on what was originally taught. All of us has experienced Him understanding that motivates our service and transforms our everyday life. We wish the remainder of the world also to begin to see the beauty of god. Our mission is always to make people that have not been aware of God or don't fall for in God to inspire these phones call on god, the father.

Hopefully to shape this message by providing some 300 books in Pdf, Epub and Mobi formats and will produce our teachings as MP3s and podcasts. We've got the biggest assortment of free Hebrew Roots literature available for download on the web. Visit our website at http://www.servantofmessiah.org and freely download our material.